We introduce you Glocher

We are happy to announce that Glocher app has been published on Apple's AppStore and Google's Play Store.

Glocher is a new digital marketplace that helps you in everyday shopping and what's more, it helps you to reach more customers.

Let me introdce you Glocher's key features.

1. Free placement: you can place your shop or service on the map for free. Anyone can browse your products and services with a single tap. This is a totally free marketing channel for your business.
2: Glocher Affiliate Program: would you like to earn more money with less work? Join Glocher Affiliate Program and introduce the app to business owners. After you helped someone registering on Glocher you will get paid depending on their sales volume. The more shops you can invite to Glocher, the bigger slice is your from their revenues.
3. Multiple carts: do your shoppings in multiple shops at the same time.
4. Cart transfer: send your cart to other Glocher user. Let's say, your wife compiles the shopping list then sends it to you to pick up your pack from the store. Other case: you want to give a gift someone far away from you. Buy something for them on Glocher, pay it, and send them the paid cart. They also just have to pick up their pack.
5. Set a pick up time: you compi.le your shopping list in the morning, but you can pick it up when you finished at work in the late afternoon. No problem, in your cart you can set the time when you can pick up your pack.

Okay, how much does it cost? Well, it doesn't cost anything until you don't sell anything. If you sell goods to your customers on Glocher you have to pay the 1% (one percent) of your sales volume.

And how much money can I earn? It depends on how many businesses are registered with your Affiliate Code. Your commission moves between 1 and 4 dollars after every 1000 dollars of sales volume.

Where can I get it?
For iOS users: ‎Glocher on the App Store
For Android users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glocher.glocher

More information: Welcome to Glocher!

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