Ulter Comfort and Pure Luxury Safari Lodge Hotel in Arusha

Crest Safari Lodge is one of the remarkable Lodges in Arusha that is renowned for offering the finest quality and affordable accommodations and correlated top quality amenities to business and leisure travelers. We not only offer the best Safari Lodge Hotel in Arusha, but we also offer the additional service such as tourist attractions, destinations and locations in the areas, organize visits to historical sites, or organize for city tours as well as offer airport transfers. When it comes to finding the perfect setting for tourist in Tanzania, Arusha is considered the perfect getaway to some of Africa’s best historical sites and safari experience. If you are seeking for the superb quality Safari Hotel in Arusha and all nearby cities, you have come to the right place.

We are located along Moshi Arusha road, 10 minutes’ drive from Arusha city center on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro. Crest Safari Lodge provides the highest quality solutions for a full spectrum of accommodation and Camping and Cultural tours in Arusha and all surrounding cities to adapt all your needs. With a more privacy than a lodge resort, we aim to be your preferred luxury Arusha Bed & Breakfast. At Crest Safari Lodge, our Arusha Hotels and Lodges provides the most luxurious, splendid and comfortable accommodations and rooms to stay in Arusha. Our room is designed to make your stay comfortable and memorable.

When it comes to finding a great saving on the Best Hotels in Arusha, this place is for you. Arusha is an ideal place for guests wanting to visits historical sites, Camping and Cultural tours and local attractions. We at Crest Safari Lodge offer full range tour services to make your experience never forgettable and five-star one. Some of our activities include: City tours, Mountains Treks, Cultural Tours, Walking Safaris and Historical Tours. For further inquiries please contact: +255 758 688 882 and also visit us at www. crestsafarilodge.com!!

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