Trustworthy and Remarkable BASE Jump School in Idaho

Location: Twin Falls, ID, USA

Are you an extreme sports lover looking for the next challenge? Base jumping with Tandem Base allows you the best experience with an experienced base jumping instructor. Tandem Base is only the one reliable and first-rated place in the globe to make your First BASE jump experience unforgettable. At here, you can experience a memory that will last a lifetime with the highly experienced and qualified BASE Jump Instructor in the world.

BASE officially stands for Building, Antennae, Span, and Earth. Those are the four "exit points" used by BASE jumpers when they take their leaps of faith. TandemBASE takes all precautions to offer the best and safe environment within the realm of BASE jumping. At Tandem BASE, we offer the highest quality service and complete BASE jumping equipment, safety helmet, knee pads, trekking boots to base jumpers.

Where Can I Learn to BASE jump? Look no further than Tandem BASE. If you want to make your First Parachute Jump more fabulous with confidence and looking for a reliable and unique Base Jumping School, Tandem BASE is the place for you. With Tandem BASE, you can expect Base Jumping Parachute, Tandem Skydiving Jump, Parachute Jumping and Parachute Jump in North West. Tandem BASE jumping involves highly trained extreme athletes who climb to the top of tall buildings, canyons, or other structures and jump off to enjoy a period of free falling.

When you are looking for a reputable BASE Jump School to learn to Brento Base Jumping through highly experienced and knowledgeable Instructors, rely on the expertise and professionalism of Tandem Base. Rest assured you are in the right hands.

Sean is the owner of Tandem BASE, has a decade of experience in parachuting career that helps to make your First Base Jump successful and outstanding using the Tandem instructional method. Sean has over 5300 BASE Jumps, and 2,700 skydives and also runs a world-renown BASE Jump school, called I-D BASE. Sean Chuma is the most experienced Tandem BASE instructor that also teaches BASE Jumpers and experienced skydivers how to BASE jump. For more details call us at +1 (208) 546-9873 today!!

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