Trusted Fuel Control Solutions For Gas Engines & Gas Turbines

Continental Controls Corporation is the most trusted company in the gas turbine industry, originally co-founded in 1968 by Ross Fisher. The company specializes in Diesel Engine Conversations to natural gas, and pioneer in offering the highest quality gas engine products, gas turbine products, diesel engine products and field support.     

The leader in fuel control for gas engines & gas turbines, Continental Controls Corporation provides a variety of gas engine and gas turbine products that help to reduce gas engine emissions. We facilitate the best products for every solution to meet your specific needs. To address the difficulties of a wide scope of gas-engines and applications, Continental Controls Corporation has structured a diverse range of gas engine products that empower you to pick an item to coordinate your technical and functional requirements.  


Continental Controls Corporation provides best in class Natural Gas Variable Pressure Control solutions with Stationary Gas Engine and Retrofit Solar Turbine products and packages. Our full range of solutions boosts availability, reliability, productivity and value throughout your equipment's life cycle. When it comes to finding top quality GE LM 2500 Fuel System and Ruston Gas Turbine Fuel System at the best prices, CCC is the best choice for you.

From new to obsolete, Continental Controls Corporation fabricates the best quality, proven flexibility, technology, and performance products to meet the challenges of a wide array of gas-engines, gas turbines and applications. With CCC, you can get a comprehensive range of gas engine and gas turbine products, including ECV5 Emission Control Valve, Gas Flow Meter, Electronic Gas Carburetor, Electronic Gas Valve, VI600 Mixing Venturi Inserts, FMV6 Fuel Mixing Venturi, Catalyst Monitor And Data Logger, VI200 Venturi Mixing Inserts, AGV10 Fuel Metering Valve, AGV50 pilot valve, ALV10 Liquid Fuel Control, AGV50 Fuel Metering Valve, AGV100 Fuel Metering Valve, Black Boxes, TI 100 and Gas Turbine Fuel Shut Off Manifold.

As a leading manufacturer of premium fuel control solutions, Continental Controls Corporation, we are committed to offering the best customer service, and products at an upfront price. We also offer an exclusive range of the best quality Diesel Engine Products such as Gas Substitution System, Air Fuel Mixer and Gas Valve. For more information, you can feel free to visit us at 1-858-453-9880 and email us at [email protected]!!

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