Trusted Aurora Family Law Attorney & Criminal Defense Attorney

Founded in 1993, The Law Office of Ned C. Khan has been representing clients in criminal cases, divorce/ family law cases and personal injury cases since ever. We have a team of courteous, professional, talented and experienced attorney that can help you understand all options, resources, concerns and potential solutions.

At The Law Office of Ned C. Khan, we have a decade of experience strongly protecting clients against a wide range of criminal charges, including DUI, Domestic Violence, Assault Charges, Drug Crimes and Juvenile offenses. We strive to ensure that our client's rights are protected with the best possible outcomes. Any divorce cases cause most people some amount of anxiety, depression and stress. Our highly skilled Aurora Divorce Lawyer, Aurora Il Divorce Attorney, Contested Divorce Kendall County, IL, Montgomery Divorce Attorney, Oswego Divorce Attorney and Uncontested Divorce Dupage County, Illinois are here to defend your rights as well as help you deal with your case.

Here at The Law Office of Ned C. Khan, our top peer rated attorney takes the time to give each client the personal attention they need to feel confident about their case. We handle a comprehensive range of criminal cases including drug crimes, Dui defense, domestic violence, felony crimes, fraud, and misdemeanor crimes. If you are facing a wide variety of criminal charges and looking for proficient and highly experienced Aurora Criminal Defense Attorney, Criminal Attorney Montgomery and Naperville Criminal Defense Attorney to help you, this place is for you. If you are involved in a domestic violence case or you have been falsely accused, our Domestic Battery Attorney Naperville and Domestic Battery Lawyer Aurora carefully investigate the complaint to judge the facts.

Our Dui Attorney Montgomery and Dui Lawyer Naperville specialize in handling DUI cases with the highest quality legal guidance. In general, DUI law is very complicated, and if you hire one of our attorneys, you can rest assured knowing that your criminal defense attorney has years of working experience handling complex cases throughout Montgomery. If you need the help of Lawyer in Aurora, Kendall County, IL, Montgomery and Naperville for your cases, call us at (630) 820-3203 for the best options for you and your loved one.

Contact Us:

Address: 2158 Ogden Ave. Aurora, IL 60504, USA
Phone: 630-820-3203
Email: [email protected]
Website: Ned C. Khan | Family Law Attorney & Criminal Defense in Aurora

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