Reliable Online Store For Buying A Variety Of Tibetan Malas And Ritual Items

Welcome to Hands of Tibet, LLC, we are your destination for affordable, dependable and superb quality ritual items that are used for meditation and spiritual well-being. All of our products are a wonderful part of meditation. We endue a wide range of unique, stylish and traditional design Necklace with Locket at the most affordable prices.

We are the best manufacturers and suppliers for a wide range of Tibetan Malas, Prayer Flags, Bracelets, Singing Bowls and Ritual items. At Hands of Tibet, we provide a comprehensive range of elegant and unique design Rudraksha Bracelet and Wood Bracelet in all wrist sizes to give you a stylish contemporary look. If you are seeking handmade aesthetic mala prayer beads, wrist bracelets and pendants for daily wearing, this place is for you.

At Hands of Tibet, you can get a full line of Tibetan Malas including 108 Bead Malas and Wrist Malas are those made of Bodhi Seed, Conch Shell, Crystals Gemstone, Lava Crystals, Rosewood, Rudrakasha, Sandalwood, Yak Bones and so on. 108 Buddha Beads were used in Buddhism for meditation. These 108 Buddha Beads are reliable and superb quality tools used to count the number of times a mantra is breaths, recited while counting prostrations, meditating, or the recaps of a buddha's name. Whether you need Singing Bowl for Meditation, look no further than Hands of Tibet.

If you are looking for a dependable and sophisticated online store to buy original quality Yak Bone Beads malas and bracelets for healing purpose that help you to replace negative thought patterns with positive ones by meditation, you have come to the right place. Mala Beads helps to adhere to your sense of purpose in life. Malas are made with various materials like wood, gemstones, and yak bones or plants seeds at our online store. At Hands of Tibet, we provide all items such as Mandala Tapestry Wall, Tibetan White Scarf, wall hangings, prayer wheels, books, bell and dorjes, fabrics and prayer scarves at the most reasonable prices. For more information, feel free to call us at 808 775 7747!!

Contact Us:-
Address :- PO Box 1316 45-3587 Mamane St. suite 102 Honokaa, HI 96727
Email Id :- [email protected]
Phone :- 808 775 7747
Website :- Tibetan Mala, Bracelet, Prayer Flags, Singing Bowl, Buddhist products

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