Reliable Furniture Shop for Custom Interior, Decorative and Sliding Barn Doors in Charleston SC

Located in Charleston SC, Salt Wood Co. is an incredible and trustworthy Wood Furniture Company that provides the highest standards of craftsmanship to create unique and stylish barn doors, sliding doors and other furniture for your commercial projects. At Salt Wood Co., we build the highest quality handmade furniture products to meet your needs.

We at Salt Wood Co., are innovative and professional craftsmen that specialize in offering rustic and natural style furniture to bring a unique and exclusive feel to your home. When you choose our company to find the best Traditional or Rustic Barn Doors of all sizes and styles at the most reasonable prices, you chose the right place. Our designers and manufacturers are very professional to create and design a full range of any patterned barn door, Kitchen vanities, wood accent walls, reclaimed table chairs, Sliding doors and other rustic furniture to exceed your expectations.

We have earned an outstanding reputation from our customers to give excellent quality service, products and experience. We offer the best service for a number of commercial projects all over Charleston, SC. We are specialist to create and design any size custom furniture of your choice. If you need Handcrafted Wood Furniture Charleston SC and Handcrafted Dining Table Charleston SC, this place is for you.

We are known to make custom furniture from new wood to Reclaimed Wood in South Carolina. As a leader in the wood furniture industry with over years of working experience, Salt Wood Co. can help design a perfect piece of furniture to adorn your interior. We manufacture top-notch Custom Made Reclaimed Wood Furniture, Barnwood Table in Charleston SC and all nearby cities at the rate that is very reasonable. We are your dependable source for Custom Made Wood Tables near Me and Custom Wood Tables for Sale Charleston SC. If you are looking for Sliding Barn Doors in South Carolina, please call us at (843) 714-1850 for pricing quote.

Contact Us:

Address: 1145 HIGHWAY 41, SUITE C, MT PLEASANT, SC 29466,USA
Phone: 843-714-1850
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.saltwoodco.com/

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