RECON G6 will be back in Austria

Location: Eisenerz, Ausztria

Event time: 2016-08-27 09:00

RECON G6 will be back in Austria! Hope you all have time to join the ultimate scale off-road adventure!
The event this year will be again held together with OTA Globetrotter Rodeo at their annual 12. OTA Globetrotter-Rodeo am Erzberg on Erzberg.

Registration is possible now:
Creditcard required)
- - -
Preregister: 28,50 EUR (RECON G6/Camping/OTA Event per person for 3 Days)
Onsite: 30 EUR
Visitor: 10 EUR (Camping/OTA)
Younger than 18 Free of Charge
- - -
You can arrive at the Erzberg from Friday 09:00 and stay till Sunday afternoon. If you bring your 1:1 4x4 you have to purchase a seperate pass! Allows you to play 3 days on the Erzberg with your 1:1.
Preregister: 47.50 EUR
Onsite 50 EUR

Please use the offer to buy your tickets in advance as it will allow you to enter the Event quickly without waiting time.
- - -

Mandatory Scale Requirements
A tow strap is mandatory and will be used during the stage.
10 scale items are mandatory. A scale item can be a driver, bumpers, a pet, a spare tire, gauges, lights, bumper sticker, etc.
An Iron Giant survival Scale Item is highly recommended

2016 RECON G6 Classes
› 1.9 Adventurists – The class for 1.9 tire size vehicles.
› 2.2 Adventurists – The class for 2.2 tire size vehicles.
› RECON Rascal – Under 15 drivers
› Drivin’ Diva Class – Female Scale Adventure Drivers.
› Family Fun Class – For Families that drive scale adventure together.
› Veteran Class – 40 to 55 year old scale adventure drivers. This class will be sub-divided when 5 or more drivers of the same wheel size are present.
› Senior Class – All drivers 56 and over. This class will be sub-divided when 5 or more drivers of the same wheel size are present.
› GCM Racing TinyTruck Class
full scale interior with driver is required.
4.2 is maximum tire height.
The same car must be used in the Show & Shine & drive the G6 stages.
Must complete RG6 Stage and special Tiny Truck skill section.
5 entries make a class.
- - -
RG6 Stage
– The course is more than 4 km long.
- We will have a Pro-Line Racing and RC4WD sponsored loop
– Designated Driving and Driver Challenges will be encountered during the stage.
– Adventure items may or may not be found on stage. These items may pertain to the event theme or not. Only one type of any item may be found per driver. There may be one of kind items. All items found, must be secured to your scale adventure rig and turned into G Central. DO NOT REMOVE ANY SCALE SIGNS OR STAGE PROPS FOR CHALLENGES
– The stage may feature a variety of terrain and will be kept as close to scale as possible.
– No Hog, self assigned penalties.

- - -
Info on Accomodation:
During the festival there are camping possibilities at the entire event-area. At Camp Martini and Camp Palmer for vehicles and also for tents.
There will also be a RECON G6 Camp Area.

If you don’t like to camp we recommend to book one of the apartments at the Erzberg Alpin Resort. With the OTA Globetrotter-Rodeo-Shuttle you can travel easily and secure to the festival area and back. More details about this worldwide unique tourism project you can find in our blog, including all the information regarding booking and prices.

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