Online Gothic Store for Counterculture-Related Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories

Established in 2006, Metal Babe Mayhem specializes in offering the best counterculture-associated clothing, jewelry, accessories, as well as music promotion with the best prices.
Are you looking for the best service provider of Best Leather Guitar Straps, Black Leather Guitar Strap, Cool Guitar Strap, Guitar Strap Leather, Red Tank Top with Black Lips Logo, Rock N Roll Makeup, Unique Guitar Straps and Free Music Streaming? You have come to the right place! Metal Babe Mayhem is an American Online Gothic Shop that offers independent and top quality custom products from third party vendors such as Alchemy Gothic, Al Bane for Leather, Hilary’s Vanity and Shrine Clothing. The company sells both retail and wholesale. At here, manufacturing options are also available for clients.
If you are seeking top-notch music promotion services for artists, you will hard to get a better choice than MBM Music LLC at Metal Babe Mayhem. At here, we are popular for providing a wide array of promotion services for artists. Some of our promotional services include Band Bios, Band Discounts, Interviews, Fundraising, Merchandise, Copy Editing, Logos/Graphics, Online Music Play and Sponsored Shows, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Spotlight, Press Releases, and Website Development. Metal Babe also focuses on local and unsigned bands throughout the globe. If you are interested in rock music and music-related products and looking for a reliable online Gothic shop to buy custom products, Metal Babe Mayhem is the right choice for you.
For HIM Fashion, Music And Fashion or Rock n Roll Fashion, look no further than Metal Babe Mayhem. Our approach has made a variety of custom products including Metal Babe with Gun Zipper Hoodie, Hoodie I Love Metal Men’s T-Shirt and Rock Band Tshirts with bones staple logo/ company’s lips and Guitar Necklace, Silver Star Necklace and Steel Guitar Necklace. Apart from products, here at Metal Babe Mayhem you can find album reviews, stream songs, and award information for Pink Floyd Division Bell as well as Model Mayhem listing services.
For more details, please feel free to visit us at www.metalbabemayhem.com!!

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