Meaning of marketing orders and agreements

Orders and agreements allow producers to promote
orderly marketing through collectively influencing
the supply, demand, or price of a particular
commodity so as to create orderly marketing.
Research and promotion can be financed with pooled
funds. Once approved by a required number of a
commodity's producers-usually two-thirds-the
marketing order is binding on all handlers of the
commodity within the geographic area of
regulation. It may limit the quantity of goods
marketed, or establish the grade, size, maturity,
or quality of the goods. Marketing orders have
been established for milk, fruits, vegetables, and
other commodities. Marketing agreements may
contain more diversified provisions, but are
enforceable only against those handlers who enter
into the agreement. An order can be terminated
when a majority of all producers favor its
termination or when USDA determines that the order
no longer serves its intended purpose.

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