Make Your First Base Jump Experience Incredible With Tandem BASE Instructor

Tandem BASE is a reputable Base Jump School that provides top-notch and comprehensive Base jumping instruction to Do a Parachute Jump and Highest Parachute Jump to leaping from tall buildings and flying like a squirrel. Tandem BASE jump is a fantastic way for first-time jumpers to experience the best BASE jump with the safest BASE jump instructor in the world.

The first Tandem BASE-Jump eventuated on March 20, 1983, off of West Gate Bridge in Melbourne, Australia by Timothy Cousins. Sean is a professional BASE jumper (stuntman) and passionate about service. Sean has an impeccable safety track record of over 700 tandem base jumps, and has experienced over 3,000 skydives and 6400 BASE Jumps and is, undeniably, an expert, commercial tandem base instructor and stuntman in the world. He also runs a renowned school, called I-D BASE, and teaches proficient Skydivers how to BASE jump.

BASE jumping often occurs closer to the ground and generally in nearness with structures. For a safe BASE jump, we check each jumper’s gear prior to exiting the bridge. At Tandem BASE, we offer jumps off the Perrine Bridge in Idaho as well as specialty jumps in exotic locales. BASE jumping can be a serious dangerous sport and you can be seriously killed and injured during any jump. If you are a beginner and experienced jumper and skydiver and want to make your Parachute Jumping confident with a professional instructor, Sean can help you to experience the freedom of freefall.

Concerned about Skydiving Age Limit? There is no age restriction for tandem skydiving. Do you want to become a competent, confident skydiver and want to Learn How to BASE jump? Do you want to make your first Base Jumping Experience unforgettable? Do you want to enjoy the best Jumping Adventure and Free Base Jumping Experience? Look no further than Tandem BASE. From zero to hero, we at Tandem BASE provide full service BASE jumping instruction, training program and education. If you are looking for Brento Base Jumping, and want to do a Parachute Jump and do A Skydive, Tandem BASE is the best place to go to find out more about the BASE. If you are curious to know Tandem prices for Skydiving in Idaho, check out at www.skydiveidaho.com. For more information, you can visit us at www.tandembase.com!!

More Info: Tandem Base: Twin Falls, Id: Extreme Sports, Base Jumping : TandemBASE.com

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