Make Amazing Your First BASE Jump With The Highest Rated Tandem BASE Company

Welcome to Tandem Base! We are the first company that offers the best Tandem BASE Jump services to experience your first BASE Jump without over years of professional training. Base Jumping is implies that when two people jump off from a fixed object such as a Building, Antenna, Span or Earth, with a parachute. BASE Jumping is not a safe adventure sport, but history represents that it can be performed with precautions using high-end parachute, appropriate footwear (athletic shoes or hiking boots) and helmets.

Your safety and enjoyment is our first and foremost priority so we offer Parachute Jumps with the most talented and seasoned BASE Instructor from a fixed structure or cliff, to experience a base jump. As a leading Tandem BASE Company in the world, we are committed to offering BASE jumping of all ages, races, genders, and walks of life! We facilitate the most famous BASE jumping destinations in the entire U.S, such as Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho and much more. We offer BASE jump service at all hours, but the best times to make Tandem BASE/Parachute jumps are early in the morning and after in the evening close to sunset.

Tandem BASE Jumping Parachute, is considered as a real BASE Jump that is an unbelievable, strong, extreme, and unique experience in the world. If you are curious to enjoy the thrill experience of a First Parachute Jump to make the lasting memories of lifetime, you can rest assured you are in the right place to do experience a one of kind adventure sport.

At Tandem BASE, we offer the best opportunity to experienced and non- experienced person who love BASE jump and want to try a real parachute jump from a fixed platform, such as a bridge, a mountain, a tower, and a cliff etc. Sean Chuma, our world-class Instructor and owner of Tandem BASE, is, undeniably, the most professional, commercial tandem base instructor in the world, and also operate a remarkable school, called I-D BASE, that teaches skilled skydivers how to BASE jump successfully. To experience your first Tandem BASE jump in Idaho, give us a call at 208-546-9873!!

More Info :- https://www.tandembase.com/

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