Italian RECON G6 with Brain Parker!!!

Location: 28014 Maggiora NO, Olaszország

Event time: 2016-09-03 09:00

The Official Italian RECON G6, last event of the European Tour 2016, is back!!!
2 days of fun, 3/4 September at Sport Club Maggiora off-road arena during the Maggiora Scaler Fest!
Brought to you by Sorrca Piemonte, in collaboration with Recon G6, Sport Club Maggiora and Trial Attack Racing Team.

- 3 September Recon G6 Italy + Night stage
- 4 September Teams race + Sled pull contest

€25 for both days
€15 for one day only
women and drivers under 15 years old are free.

Online registration and full info at www.trialattack.com | scaler, 4×4, trial, rescaldina, pista, buggy, rally, offroad, lombardia
Online payment with paypal
Info at [email protected]

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