Impeccable Customizable Silicon IP Products And Electronic Design Services In San Jose, CA

Are you seeking top-notch technology for transferring multi giga bytes of data in a second over the internet? Your search ends here. Intilop Corporation provides effective technology for TCP/IP Connectivity to data transfers fastest and quickly one network to another network.

Established in 2004 in San Jose, CA, Intilop is the most respected and world-class silicon IP developer, silicon integrator, systems developer, total solutions provider and an Engineering Design Services company in the Silicon Valley area. Intilop works with numerous partners such as Altera, Arrow Electronics, CAST-Inc, Faraday-Technologies, Synplicity, Motorola, QuickLogic, TI, Xilinx, and Mentor.

Intilop is an innovation technology that is designed to banks, cloud infrastructure, defense/ aerospace platforms, data-centers, network equipment, educational institutes, trading exchanges, and more. With over the years in IT industry, our team at Intilop has developed a unique part of design/verification of 30 SOCs, complex ASICs and FPGAs. Intilop Corporation has developed 42 different boards of various complexities including state-of-the-art technology interfaces designing around Multiple Network and data processing devices, multiple CPUs, various memory and I/O interfaces, TCP Offload Engine, Ethernet IP Cores Products and technologies.

We at Intilop offer the highest standards of quality Network Acceleration products, IP products, Adapter Board products including TCP Processing Engines Full TCP Offload (TOE), TCP+UDP Processing Engines Full TCP+UDP Offload, UDP Processing Engines Full UDP Offload (UOE), Ultra-Low-Latency EMACs, Ethernet IP Cores and TOE & UOE FPGA Boards.

As a leader in TCP Offload Technology and Products, you can get top-notch IP Products and Adapter/NICs for big data, data centers, cloud computing servers and all other networked supercomputing servers. We provide the best design services in the area of Network Security, Network Infrastructure, Data Security, SAN, NAS, High end consumer appliances, or miscellaneous embedded hardware & software applications.

Here at Intilop Corporation, we specialize in FPGA-SOC Design/Verification, SOC Design/Verification, ASIC Design/Verification, SOC/ASIC Verification, Network Equipment, Board Design, System Design and Embedded Software Development. From us, you can expect the highest quality service and system solutions for Ethernet Acceleration, TCP Acceleration, UDP Acceleration and TOE Offload Engine.

More Info :- https://www.intilop.com/

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