High-Conflict Divorce Lawyers in Houston

Couples contemplating divorce do so because there has been a break-down in their marital relationship.There is therefore some form of inherent conflict that exists in any divorce proceeding. In situations where the couples have minor children and / or where the couple’s marital assets are intertwined and entangled, it is often difficult to work through disentangling the marital assets and resolving child custody issues when emotions are still very raw.

Broadly speaking, divorcing couples typically have to resolve children issues (if children are involved) and property issues.

Children issues refer to such issues as who gets primary custody of the children, and what type of visitation, possession and access rightsthe other party gets.
Property issues refer to determination of what property is characterized as separate property or community property, as well as how the community property will be divided.

A divorce is not necessarily high-conflict because the parties disagree over children or property issues. The tactics used by the parties in trying to resolve these issues and / or the degree of negative emotional feeling or hostility directed by one or both parties to each other, is what heightens a garden-variety contested divorce and elevates it to a high conflict divorce.

In high conflict divorce cases, the parties are usually more interested in battling each other, responding to every action from the opposing party, inflicting harm/pain on each other, and trying to out-do the other side. From our experience, one or both parties have extreme difficulty in looking beyond their pain and often seek to use the court system as a weapon to inflict pain on the other side.

Sadly, it is not unusual to see situations where one party is consistently initiating and stoking conflict by filing motions after motions and engaging in actions that must be responded to by the other party.

High conflict divorce cases result in excessive legal expenses for the couple; more importantly, high conflict divorce proceedings are often destructive to minor children and could lead to long lasting psychological damage for the children—who are caught up in the middle of the conflict.

Our attorneys at Anunobi Law PLLC have extensive experience in handling high conflict divorce cases in courts all over Harris County, Fort Bend County, and Montgomery County. We aggressively advocate for our clients but we never lose sight of fighting for what is in the best interest of the children.
In property cases, we have in-house expertise in data analysis and financial analysis and are able to guide our clients into making fact/evidence-based decisions as opposed to emotional decisions.

Additionally, we have a cadre of professionals that we often work with to help resolve our high conflict divorce cases, including child psychologists, investigators, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), valuation and tracing experts.

If you are involved in a high conflict divorce and need the guidance and assistance of a skilled and reputable law firm, we would love to hear about your case and assist you through this difficult time.

Contact us at 832-538-0833 or by email at [email protected], to set up an immediate appointment.

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