Effective Cognitive Behavioral Treatment in Manhattan, NY

Welcome to Institute for Behavior Therapy - We are an experienced team of licensed Cognitive Behavioral Therapists based in Manhattan and NY offering top quality CBT services to resolve all kinds of behavior health issues. Established in 1971 in NY, we specialize in cognitive behavioral treatment and behavior therapy for emotional and mental health. Our motto is to improve an individual’s quality of life through professional CBT and therapy services.

Institute for Behavior Therapy provides effective, reliable and professional cognitive behavior treatment for treating a wide range of behavior issues, including anxiety, ADHD, bad habits, depression, eating disorders, social shyness, panic, phobias, marital discord, OCD, substance abuse, nightmare, personality disorders, child and adolescent problems, and even relationship closeness problems and more.

CBT is a type of psychotherapy that helps to treat mental health disorders by changing the way you believe and behave - whether it is postpartum depression, stress, dating anxiety, PTSD, an eating disorder, phobias, panic, anger attack, social anxiety, and other stressor. If you need Cbt For Anxiety In Manhattan and Cbt For Depression In Manhattan, we can offer specialized treatment to help lower stress and enhance your sense of control. We have extensively trained and qualified therapists for Martial therapy, Solution focused treatments, and Behavior Therapy in Manhattan and the surrounding areas of New York.

Whether you are seeking the best treatment to mental health problems, we can help you offering Social Phobia Treatment In Manhattan at an affordable price. If you are facing family & marital problems and looking for Couples Counseling in Manhattan to improve your relationship, our therapist can help you. We at the Institute for Behavior Therapy offer couple relationship counseling service to lessen your relations concerns. For more information, do not hesitate to call us at 212-692-9288 and [email protected]!!

More Info :- https://www.ifbt.com/

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