Effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Treatment For Social Phobias and Depression

Institute for Behavior Therapy was established in 1971 in New York. We have a professional staff of Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Post-Doctoral Fellows that are capable offer effective CBT for treating many different conditions to lessen destructive, unhelpful behaviors, and develop healthy behaviors. We also render long distance therapy over the Internet. We are popular for offering the best psychological services for women, men, teens, and children affected by anxiety, panic, social phobias, depression, eating disorders, panic attacks and other conditions.

We at Institute for Behavior Therapy offer the greatest level of sensitivity, respect and care to treat successful thousands of patients suffering from: general anxiety, ADHD, bad habits, depression,eating disorders, social shyness, panic, phobias, marital discord, OCD, substance abuse, and other behavior issues.

No matter what behavior health matters you have, we are here to help you to achieve your optimum goals. We are the world leaders in applying top-notch Cognitive Behavioral Treatment In Manhattan to help patients with emotional issues, cognitive problems,learning challenges, relationship troubles, behavioral issues, and so much more.At Institute for Behavior Therapy, we offer the highest standards of psychiatric care with targeted cognitive behavioral treatment plans customized to our patient’s specific conditions, using the most effective Behavior Therapy In Manhattan and all surrounding cities.

Looking for Couples Counseling Manhattan? Our therapists are qualified and ready to work with couples and marriage love partners!We know that stressful circumstances in life can cause problems for couples.Couples argue for many reasons involving communication issues, sexual dissatisfaction, finances, infidelity, power struggles and more. We can help to overcome these major troubles.Our couple relationship counseling in Manhattan allows for a secure space where each partner can discuss their concerns and talk about their feelings in a safe environment.Through this process, we can help you to improve your relationship.

Whether you are in search of marriage counseling, couples therapy, behavior therapy or relationship counseling, you can rest assured at Institute for Behavior Therapy that you are in the right place. Here at Institute for Behavior Therapy, our professional couple’s therapist can help you and your partner grow–into the life of your connection.For further information about Anxiety Treatment in Manhattan and Social Phobia Treatment In Manhattan, please contact our licensed therapist at 212-692-9288!!

More Info :- http://www.ifbt.com/

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