Effective and High Standard Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The Institute For Behavior Therapy provides evidence based procedures to treat patients with an array of behavioral and emotional difficulties, including anxiety, social shyness, insomnia, panic, OCD, phobias, depression, ADHD, emotion regulation, mood disorders, marital discord, chronic pain, dysthymia, eating disorders, panic, emotion regulation, intense fears, substance abuse, and bad habits. The Institute for Behavior Therapy began procedures in 1971. Our offices are located in New York Metropolitan Area.
CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that is designed to challenge and explain unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviors. CBT is a reliable and structured treatment that helps to reduce destructive, develop healthy behaviors and feeling or change the way of living a fulfilling life. We specialize in cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based treatments for depression, insomnia, eating disorders, psychotic disorders, mood disorders and anxiety disorders (including OCD, GAD, & Panic Disorder). We not only offer the treatment for a wide range of behavioral and mental health problems, but we also give training in the theory and techniques of cognitive behavior therapy to psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.
We render top-notch and dependable psychological treatment to patients served by our professional, skilled and highly qualified Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists and Post Doctoral Fellows. The experts of psychological services at the Institute For Behavior Therapy work with children, teens, couples, individuals and adults to provide evidence-based treatment for anxiety, OCD, panic, anger attacks, medical illness, relationship closeness problems, eating disorders, depression and related disorders.
From us, you can get the best Cbt for Anxiety in Manhattan, Cbt for Depression in Manhattan, Treatment for Addiction in Manhattan, Treatment for Anxiety in Manhattan, Social Phobia Treatment in Manhattan, Marital Therapy in Manhattan, Couples Counseling Manhattan for treating many different emotional and mental health conditions. If you want to overcome your mental health difficulties or looking for Cognitive Behavioral Treatment in Manhattan, look no further than Institute For Behavior Therapy. With specialities in counseling and Psychotherapy in Manhattan, our professional practitioners help you recognize and change behaviour, thoughts and thinking patterns related to your problems. To make an appointment with experts, please call 212-692-9288 or submit our online form.

Address :- 20 East 49th St. Second Fl.New York,10017 United States
Email Id :- [email protected]
Phone :- 2126929288
Website :- http://www.ifbt.com/

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