Craft Beer Bar

I really like craftbeers, and bars.
If i m in New York, i m very often sit down to any bar, and drink some beer. Thinking about life big things, talking local friends.
When we talk about craft beer in New York Citythey mention Torst or Blind Tiger Ale House.
The first i tried the Torst.
If you are a fan of Evil Twin or other solid breweries, this is the place for you.
Super helpful bar man (sorry I forgot your name ) a beautiful and amazingly varied selection of beers, served in retro styled glasses with the most fab pattern on ever!! I just wished I'd have brought a branded tote bag and some glasses to take home. Their beer selection was great, each beer has its own temperature controlled tap (I assume because different types of beer taste better at different temps) which is crazy and the bartender was VERY knowledgeable about the beer he was serving! I'll definitely be back the next time I'm in Brooklyn.

From Blink Tiger i will tell you next time!

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