Best in Class TCP Processing Engines & UDP Processing Engines

Intilop Corporation is one of the leading IP developers and Engineering Design Services Companies specializing in high end Customization Silicon IP products in the area of networking, data storage-SAN/NAS, network infrastructure, network security,storage security, embedded systems, storage systems and consumer electronics.

If you are looking for a trustworthy technology company that focuses on solving high performance networking and storage challenges for virtualized enterprise data centers, cloud service installations, Full TCP & UDP offload NIC for Cloud Computing servers, Big Data and network security systems, look no further than Intilop Corporation. We offer comprehensive range of IP products,

Adapters/NICs, TCP Processing Engines, UDP Processing Engines, IP Cores, FPGAs and Boards.

Intilop is a reliable EDS firm that renders high quality and Hyper Performance Networking Systems and IP services from partners such as Arrow Electronics, Alter a, CAST-Inc, Faraday-Technologies, Motorola, Quick Logic, TI, Xilinx, Synplicity, and Mentor. We deliver both hardware and software solutions such as adapter cards, high performance storage gateways, bypass cards, and other solutions focused on specialized applications, at the best prices. Our IP Cores Adapter Board/ NICs include 10-Gbit Ethernet MAC,10/100/1000 M bit MAC EngineC, 1-Gbit Network Search Engine Controller, 25G-1K Sess. TCP + UDP Offload Engine, 40G-1K Sess. TCP + UDP Offload Engine and 10/100/1000 M bit EMAC + Host_IF.

We specialize in offering Network Acceleration Products, IP Products, and Adapter Board Products.We are widely adapted 10G TCP & UDP Acceleration technology solutions across numerous types of networking system and associate products globally including TCP Acceleration, UDP Acceleration and Application Acceleration. We at Intilop offer full TCP Offload Engine and TCP offload NIC for Cloud Computing servers, Data centers, Big Data and all other networked super computing servers that help to consolidate your servers, reduce CapEx, reduce network infrastructure cost, and reduce power. For more information, feel free contact us at 408-791-6700!!

More Info :- TCP Offload in FPGA NIC, UDP Offload in FPGA, Scalable GBIT Switch IP :Intilop

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