Baltimore, MD leading Hose Assembly Manufacture and Supplier

FlexFit Hose LLC is one of the most renowned Hose Assembly Suppliers that manufacture and supply of industrial hoses, chemical hoses, hose fittings, hose couplings and accessories. We provide our customers with a variety of quality products including PTFE Lined Hose Assemblies, All Metal Hose Assemblies, Bulk Hose and Fittings, Hose Protection & Covers, Valves, Tubings and Accessories, to meet their specific needs.

No matter what type of hose assembly you are looking for, we have the solutions for you. We offer a full range of hose assembly products & solutions to meet the quality standards of customer’s requirement. We at FlexFit Hose LLC fabricate all of our stainless steel flexible hose assemblies, stainless steel braided hose assemblies and hose fittings in-house using supreme quality materials.

Depending on your type of industry, we make custom industrial hose assemblies for your needs. Here at FexFit Hose, we are popular in offering a broad array of Industrial Hose Assemblies to our valuable customer’s at the most competitive prices. We specialize in building rubber, plastic, PTFE and stainless steel Hose Assemblies and associated products.


If you are looking for top quality hoses that are suitable for the transfer of chemical, stream, and other liquid substance, Chemical Hose is the best option for your particular needs. We are one of the foremost suppliers of an extensive range of Chemical Hose Assembly and PTFE Hose Assembly complete with end connectors, which are made from the highest quality raw materials. Our specialties are hose assemblies such as stainless braided PTFE hose, Stainless Steel Flexible Hose, all metal stainless braided hose, Corrugated Metal Hose, Braided Chemical Hose, Oxygen Cleaning Hose, Chemical transfer hose, Stainless Steel Braided Oxygen Hose

From PTFE Hose Assemblies and Industrial Hose & Hose Assemblies to Metal Hose Assemblies, Steam Hose & Assemblies and JIC Adaptor, we deliver all types of Flexible Hose, Fittings, and Hose Assembly Solution at the most reasonable prices. With FlexFit Hose, you can get top-notch products at every order, no matter if you order a small or large quantity of various types of hose assemblies. For more information, give us a call at 410-429-7628 and email us at [email protected]!

More Info :- https://ffhose.com/

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