Accelerate your Wireless Communication With the Best Quality TCP Offload Technology and Products

Intilop Corporation is a one of the leading and full-service Engineering Design Services (EDS) firms in the Silicon Valley area that specializes in developing and offering ‘Customization Silicon IP’ in the area of Networking, Network Security, Network Infrastructure, Embedded Systems, Data Storage-SAN/NAS, Storage Security, Storage Systems, Consumer Electronics and Embedded Applications. We are also one of the most respected IP developers that deliver the highest quality 50G/25G/40G TCP & UDP Offload, TCP/IP offload engine, TOE in Kernel Bypass, 1024 Session Full TCP & UDP Offload System on Xilinx/intel FPGAs with Linux Kernel Bypass Driver to resolve unprecedented level of networking complexity. At Intilop, we offer the Best in Class, world class solution with highly sophisticated and advanced features.

If you are seeking unique technology for increasing big-data transfer speed, Intilop the finest Low latency TOE technology is the right answer for you. It makes the world’s data centers send and get multi-giga bytes of data (collection of information) in a second. For boosting TCP/IP Connectivity and data transfer in nano second, Intilop state-of-the-art technology designed for banks, cloud infrastructure, defense/ aerospace platforms, trading exchanges, and network equipment.

Intilop, a leader in TCP offload technology and products, was started in 2004 in San Jose, CA. Intilop has been supported as best-in-class by partners such as Altera, Arrow Electronics, CAST-Inc, Motorola, Faraday-Technologies, Mentor, TI, QuickLogic, Synplicity, and Xilinx. Here at Intilop, we offer a wide range of services including FPGA-SOC Design/Verification, SOC Design/Verification, ASIC Design/Verification, SOC/ASIC Verification, Network Security, Network Equipment, Board Design, System Design and Embedded Software Development, at the best price to meet your specific needs.

We are pioneer in offering a variety of products such as - network acceleration product, IP product and Adapter Board Product. Whether you are looking for top notch system solutions, look no further than Intilop Corporation. We offer comprehensive full TCP offload NIC for Big Data, Data centers, Cloud Computing servers, and all other networked super computing servers. If you are looking for network security hardware and software, give us a call at 408-791-6700 and email us at [email protected]!!   

More Info :- http://www.intilop.com/

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